Série A8

LEVI-8708 LEVI-8108 LEVI-8104
Display 7″ 10,2″ 10,4″
CPU ARM Cortex A8 720Mhz
TI 3359 cpu built-in PowerVR 3D/2D acceleration
Display TFT true color LCD, with 65536 colors
and brightness of up to 250 lumens
Flash Flash large capacity storage, support 4G EMMC
RAM DDR3 with up to 256 memory
Support Ethernet, ethercat, CAN bus,
5 serial ports, RS232/RS485/RS422, CAN bus,
Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet (optional),
sound card (optional), U disk, SD card
OS can pre-install WINCE system, LINUX system and
ANDROID system according to users’ needs